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Thanks for popping by and welcome to the site. This is a home for travelers, dreamers, readers, foodies, and photography lovers. As experienced travelers, we aim to deliver the best in travel stories and budget travel tricks and tips. 

Our Mission: We want to make travel more accessible and sustainable for everyone. We provide information and guides on destinations that you won’t find on the cover of every travel magazine or highlighted on every blog. When we do feature a popular destination, it’s because we believe this destination is worth the hype, even if you might face some crowds. All of our trips are planned on a “student” budget. We favor camping, road trips, Airbnb, and picnics over glamorous hotels and fancy dinners (okay, so we might have a few fancy dinners). We believe that travel is an option for everyone, and it is our goal to get you out there to explore- without breaking your wallet!

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