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New Providence Island, Bahamas April 2021

Here are a collection of photos taken from our recent dive trip to the Bahamas. A beautiful island with much to offer any traveler! Check out some great stories and tips under Travel Stories and Budget Travel for more information on this amazing adventure.

Photos taken by Nicholas Larghi. Follow his Instagram for more great travel photos

Two beautiful reef sharks off the coast of New Providence
Sea life that can be seen snorkeling off the west coast of New Providence
Endless sunsets. This is the sunset on West Bay Road in late April.
Driving in the Bahamas
Wreck dive with Stuart’s Cove
Very titanic-y
Diver returning to ship on second dive of the day with Stuart’s Cove
Up close and personal on a shark dive
Want sharks? You can’t beat the Bahamas.
Beaches along West Bay Road. The road follows right along the coast with plenty of places to pull off a park. The coast is a mix of sandy areas and rocky shoreline.
A delicious dinner at Traveller’s West restaurant. You can enjoy a mouth-watering meal, some yummy drinks, and a beautiful sunset. Much calmer than the Nassau area.
Our Airbnb building. These vibrant and restored buildings cover the island and make for interesting and fun accommodations.
Ocean view from the Airbnb

My favorite way to capture memories while traveling. Cheaper and lighter than souvenirs, and it makes every moment feel special.

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