For the Foodies

From easy Airbnb meals to best campsite gourmet, we’ve got you covered.

Airbnb Recipes

Rented an airbnb with only one pan? A microwave, but no oven? Vegetable oil, but no spices? No worries, you can still take advantage of that kitchen and save on eating out. Check out our Airbnb Recipes for affordable and healthy meals to cook in a limited kitchen.

Campsite Eats

Camping is a great way to cut cost on rentals and hotels. Most link camping with s’mores and hotdogs, but you can still enjoy a night under the stars without wrecking your diet. Check out our campsite eats for easy recipes using camp stoves, jetboils, or just some tinfoil in a fire!

Restaurant Recommendations

While we love saving money with picnics and home-cooked meals, every destination deserves at least one meal out on the town. Check out our destination-based restaurant recommendations for the best meals that were worth the extra cost!

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